The Sapien Difference

Founded on Edith Cowan University’s 20 years of world-leading research in cybersecurity, Sapien is a commercial entity, bringing together a team of industry-experienced practitioners to develop a unique sophisticated world-leading solution for both Operational Technology (OT), Information Technology (IT) and Building Management Systems (BMS) environments.

Sapien sophisticated solution provides a ‘systems of systems’ approach to cybersecurity, meshing advanced cybersecurity technologies, advanced malware detection, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, paired with cybersecurity and industry knowledge to rapidly detect threats, and attacks occurring within your network traffic.

All traffic is monitored in real-time to identify system anomalies, investigate issues, determine the threat, and discover where they originated from and how they infiltrated the system so immediate and effective action can be taken to maintain network security. Building upon the threat detection capabilities of our solution, Sapien’s technology also allows clients to establish their existing security posture before developing an effective long-term strategy for asset protection, system health checks and hygiene actions.

Sapien’s secure customer portal provides unprecedented visibility and awareness of your entire enterprise network through an intuitive and easy to use interface. 

Our technology platform and suite of services provides unparalleled visibility, threat detection and response capabilities. Deployment of Sapiens’ passive threat management and vulnerability management services automatically elevates our client’s cybersecurity maturity with the added capability of seamless integration with existing IT cybersecurity systems for a layered enterprise-wide approach to cybersecurity.

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