About Sapien

About Sapien Cyber and the Sapien Cyber story

Cybersecurity evolved. Protecting the world we live in.


Our Values

  • 01

    Unnaturally Curious: We believe that only the most enquiring minds are capable of changing the world

  • 02

    Customer Obsessed: Defending our customers’ infrastructure is more than a job, more than a vocation – it’s an obsession

  • 03

    Totally Unreasonable: Unlike reasonable people who accept the status quo, we are unreasonable, we question everything, and we are never satisfied

  • 04

    Bullet-Proof Vests: To allow us to push boundaries and challenge the status quo we have each other’s backs, absolutely

  • 05

    No Finish Line: Because our mutual enemies and the threats they present are constantly evolving, our work is never done, we keep learning, adapting and stay ahead of the danger

The Sapien Story

Founded on Edith Cowan University’s 20 years of world-leading research in cybersecurity, Sapien Cyber Pty Ltd is a commercial entity, bringing together a team of academic and industry-experienced practitioners to develop a unique cyber security solution for Operational Technology (OT) environments and the associated IT technology.

Working closely with industry partners Sapien set about designing and developing our vulnerability management system (Condor) and threat management system (Raptor) products. The goal of these products was to provide complete visibility of an organisation’s cyber risk exposure, attack surface and any suspicious activity within their operational technology networks.

We envisaged a step wise process to improving how businesses prepare their OT networks to minimise the potential of cyber incursion, then defend their enterprise wide networks with powerful software products. The addition of Sapien Insight, a Security Operations Centre (SOC) added the human element to the already powerful suite of software products. Sapien Insight also enables us to have an extremely fast feedback loop relating to user functionality and what security analysts require to perform their jobs. This enables us to be extremely agile and ensure the addition of new functionality or any functional enhancement truly adds value to the end user.

Through the hard work of our pioneering Sapien employees, plus close engagement with our customers and partners, we have created a robust and functionality rich cyber security product suite. When supported by an experienced and skilled SOC, it enables businesses to effectively prepare, defend and respond against cyber incursions and their impact on business continuity, reputation, and financial loss.