Network security posture and threat assessment

Threat Management

The Sapien threat management system (Raptor) is used to deliver a network security posture assessment that provides you key insights into the performance of your core security processes and security controls, allowing you to ensure you have appropriate coverage over the primary risks and audit missions of your OT NETWORK.

Sapien Raptor is hosted in the Sapien Network. You will not require hardware or software to be installed into your OT Network.

The network security posture assessment is performed via a simple disk ingestion process. Requiring only 2-5 days of data capture or 500GB from your OT network. Sapien will provide a portable hard disc for storing the PCAP data, which is then ingested by Raptor.

The assessment will provide you with:

  • A detailed security posture report outlining the health of your network
  • A list of any potential or actual network security vulnerabilities detected
  • A list of any potential or actual security threats detected
  • Recommendations for improving security posture and mitigating network vulnerabilities and threats

Threat Management

Sapien will also provide you with a dedicated account from which you can experience the Raptor in our Proof of Value (PoV) environment.

This will allow you to assess the full functionality and rich features of Raptor, all while using your own dataset.

Threat Management