Hardware and software vulnerability network assessment

Vulnerability Management

The Sapien vulnerability management system (Condor) is used to deliver a full hardware and software vulnerability assessment of your OT NETWORK.

The Sapien Condor ingests and analyses the following data sets:

  • Servers and workstations – the hardware, operating system and installed programs on each device
  • Routers and Switches – the make, model and firmware or operating system version
  • PLC’s – the make, model, installed options (such as CPU and ethernet cards) and firmware versions

For an assessment, it is not necessary to provide these details for every device in your OT network, however the vulnerability assessment will be as comprehensive as the data set provided to Sapien.

The network vulnerability assessment can be scaled to accommodate any available datasets.

The assessment will provide you with:

  • A report of all existing vulnerabilities for each device in every system for which data is provided
  • A corresponding list of recommended patches or updates where available

Vulnerability Management

If you also provide us with system risk assessment data, the Criticality of those vulnerabilities will be included.

Vulnerability Management