Ways To Partner


We are interested in partnering with like-minded organisations who share our mission to protect critical IT and OT infrastructure.

Our goal is to position ourselves with partners who would be interested in acting as a technology reseller; integrating our solution into an overall package that will benefit your customers through a single amalgamated product.


Partnering with Security Services Providers, we can provide a solution that delivers unparalleled efficacy to your customers.

We provide a system of systems architecture, that is rapidly deployable and seamlessly integrates within even the most complex environments.

Our Partners

ECU accommodates one of the world’s foremost cyber security research and teaching groups and has been recognised by the Federal Government as one of only two academic centres of cyber security excellence in Australia.

ECU currently delivers a bespoke suite of cyber security awareness, skills training packages, and research programs through the team based at the Security Research Institute. SRI is housed with a purpose—built facility on ECUs Joondalup campus that is accredited to SECRET and rapidly upgradeable to full SCIF status. The ECU cyber security team work closely with critical infrastructure operators, the WA Police, WA Auditor General, the AFP, the WA Corruption and Crime Commission, national security providers and others with specialised training research, monitoring, intrusion detection and forensic requirements.

Further supporting ECU’s extraordinary global reputation in cyber security, ECU’s Joondalup Campus is home to the Commonwealth and industry funded ($147m) Cyber Security Research Centre and the WA node of AustCyber.

In a connected world, every organisation needs a solution that delivers network, content, and application security without degrading network availability or uptime.

Fortinet’s mission is to deliver the most innovative, highest-performing network security fabric to secure and simplify your IT infrastructure. They are a leading global provider of network security appliances for carriers, data centers, enterprises and distributed offices.

Elasticsearch is a highly scalable, distributed, open source, single, integrated application performance monitoring tool for all your server and application monitoring needs – end user applications, and underlying infrastructure components such as application servers, databases, big data stores, web servers, web services, virtual systems and cloud resources.

Based on Apache Lucene, Elasticsearch is one of the most popular enterprise search engines today and is capable of solving a growing number of use cases like log analytics, real-time application monitoring, and click stream analytics.

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