Cyber security operations centre for preventing, detecting, analysing, and responding to cyber security threats and attacks

Supporting our products, Sapien provides a fully integrated Security Operations Centre (Insight) for the monitoring, notification and response for security threats and incidents.

Our team of experienced Security Analysts remove the complexity of managing secure operations in an evolving threat landscape by providing clients with clear actionable intelligence to proactively protect their assets against cyber threats.


Real World Actionable Intelligence

Armed with the Sapien Condor and Raptor, our security analysts have the tools and information they need to enhance our clients’ vulnerability landscape, network security posture, network visibility, and defend against the latest threats.

Security  Operations Centre
Security  Operations Centre

Sapien Insight, our managed SOC, plays a key role in supporting and improving our clients’ security posture. Sapien Insight combines Sapien’s state-of-the-art in-depth vulnerability management, network monitoring, analysis, and multi-IDS technology with the expert analysis of our skilled SOC team to virtually eliminate the incidence of false positive alerts for our clients. This means our clients can focus on the important aspects of their network security without being subject to alert fatigue.

Our analysts also take a proactive approach by actively hunting for security issues and vulnerabilities that may provide an attacker with the foothold they need. Sapien’s analysts will not only advise of potential active security threats, but also potential network vulnerabilities. This allows our clients to improve their security posture by mitigating security threats at an early stage and eliminating opportunities for attack.

Unlike other ICS security vendors, Sapien Cyber relieves you of the burdens involved in security monitoring with the Sapien Insight solution. By combining the power of the Sapien Condor & Raptor with our team of expert analysts, Sapien provides six key benefits:

  • Notify you of any new high-risk software vulnerabilities actively being exploited
  • Defend you against and alert you to the latest threats
  • Enhance your current security posture by providing proactive security advice
  • Identify network security vulnerabilities early, reducing opportunities for attack
  • Virtually eliminate false positive alerts and non-events from your workload
  • Eliminate the resource burden of security monitoring