Threat Management system deployment architecture

The Raptor deployment architecture is versatile and can be deployed to fit within any network topologies, be it a single site, multiple sites, multiple sites with a common DMZ, split between corporate and OT, or OT and cloud.

The Acquisition Sensor collects network traffic from OT or IT networks which is then analysed by the Control System and displayed in the Command Centre. Command and Control can be deployed within the OT network or split between the OT nework, the corporate network or the client’s private cloud.

Our deployment architecture can be modified as a client’s OT architecture matures to ensure that Raptor is supporting the current state of the network.

System Deployment Architecture

Enterprise/OT Example

The diagram below details an example of a local site deployment architecture.

(please note: we have only shown one facility with two VLANs in this example, however Raptor is not limited by the number of VLANs).