Protecting Our Critical Infrastructure

The Security Legislative Amendment (Critical Infrastructure Protection) Bill was passed in March 2022 and places responsibility on the owners and operators of critical infrastructure to have industry-designed risk management programs in place. It also gives the government the ability to impose cybersecurity obligations on these owners and operators if the government believes their systems are of national significance. More importantly, some operators could be instructed by the government to install software on their networks to report information back to the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).

There are alternative solutions which can be placed on the network which would allow operators to supply the government with the information they require without losing control of the organisation’s data.

Below is a list of the 11 critical infrastructure sectors.

– Communications

– Financial services and markets

– Data storage and processing

– Defence industry

– Higher education and research

– Energy

– Food and grocery

– Health care and medical

– Space technology

– Transport

– Water and sewage

Sapien’s suite of solutions can effectively prepare and defend your infrastructure against cyber incursions and their impact on business continuity, reputation, and financial loss. The insights available will assist your organisation in providing the right information to the government without you losing control of your data.  For more information contact our sales team –