The C-Suite’s Guide to Cyber Risks

The C-Suite's Guide to Cyber Risks
A Sapien Cyber Report – The modern cybercriminal is well organized, well-financed and willing to wait for the right opportunity to strike. This increased threat is being recognized not just within boardrooms at enterprises, but at the highest levels of Government as well. That’s why Sapien Cyber commissioned international data collection agency Norstat to independently poll 100 CSOs, CISOs and other individuals with board level responsibility for cybersecurity across US enterprises to answer critical questions:
  • Is the C-Suite proactive in its preparation to tackle growing cyber threats?
  • Are organisations leaving themselves vulnerable to attack by not recognizing the importance of protecting Operational Technology?
  • What is the chain of command for cybersecurity and where does accountability lie?
  • What can organizations learn from other attacks?
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