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Sapien Proof of Value

Sapien invites you test our combined technology and expertise  at no cost to you.  Interested in putting us to the test? Read our fact sheet to learn more.

The Most Sophisticated Industrial Cybersecurity In The World.

Threats to critical infrastructure are now so advanced that they require an industrial cybersecurity solution that combines advanced technologies, machine learning and human intelligence to protect networks against the complex range of attack scenarios they are vulnerable to. Sapien has developed a solution that changes the cybersecurity landscape forever.

The Next Evolution of Cybersecurity For Corporate Networks Is Here

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and more creative in architecting attacks. Today’s integrated technology ecosystems not only allows IT networks to be used to mount attacks on OT networks, but insecure OT devices can now also provide a pathway back into corporate IT systems. Sapien’s solution accounts for the complex and ever-changing threat landscape, using advanced