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Sapien has a range of systems and expertise for the delivery of sophisticated ‘next generation’ cyber defence measures. Combining people, processes and technology to deliver an unmatched suite of services for the protection of your assets in an evolving threat landscape.

Our solutions deploy passively to reduce any installation risks and collects data from all networks directed to the Acquisition Sensor.

The platform builds device lists, network maps and device dashboards for inventory identification. It also performs threat detection using an advanced fusion of sensor technology and machine learning within a single managed service.

Workflows then ensure that our security teams can perform deeper level analysis with access to data and tools in a single location to improve the efficiency of alert management.

Tailoring a Solution to Your needs

Every organisation is different.  Some understand they are at risk but do not have any solution or skills within their departments to manage a security service.

Others may have a partial or full capability of experienced personnel but are struggling with technology that isn’t performing to their expectations. 


When choosing a solution, it is important that customers understand their security policy framework and determine the scope, roles, and responsibilities prior to determining a solution.  Sapien can help with this process by working through a detailed plan to determine the maturity level of current operations and future needs of your business.  For example, considerations may include:

  • System architecture
  • Passive Defence
  • Active Defence
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Offensive Measures

Importantly, the solution must increase the reliability and security of your company’s mission in a way that is currently not being achieved.  The final solution may include threat detection, vulnerability management, incident response, security monitoring, threat hunting, threat intelligence or testing.

Bridging the Gap

Our Security Operations teams understand the need to engage and respond appropriately to engineers and operators in the field. This is a key differentiator for the services Sapien provides.

We know how to bridge the gap between operations personnel and the IT/Security staff by understanding the needs of each working environment.

Sometimes, this is as simple as asking if maintenance has taken place to close out an investigation or in a worst-case scenario, providing the information and justification to warrant a halt to operations due to an attack.

In either case, Sapien uses its detailed analysis expertise and operational experience to provide customers with clear contextualised advice to ensure they can make an accurate decision in a timely manner.

Speed of Threat


Sapien uses passive technology to ensure a non-invasive, low-risk system deployment that allows client’s visibility of their network immediately upon installation. The system will detect internet protocol (IP) connected devices for all communications traversing the networks being ingested by the systems. The technology immediately begins automatically analysing network traffic for threats and provides another level to a client’s defence-in-depth security framework.

Sapiens Vulnerability Management Solution is used to determine unmanaged infrastructure, legacy equipment, proprietary technologies and IP protocols whilst gathering as much data as possible on the environment being monitored.

Solution Success

Sapien solutions operate in network environments to support an organisations security strategy. It significantly strengthens the security and availability of operations through accurate reporting of alerts and efficient processing of vulnerabilities or threats. Sapien’s teams, workflows and technology deliver the next generation of network security analytics and continue to evolve with the speed of threat to enhance network protection.

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